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  1. Introduction


The Western Education and Library Board employed Tonine on The 3rd September 2007 for her Placement year.  Tonine was positioned in the Reprographics Section working as a Junior Graphic Designer.  The Board Headquarters is located in Omagh, Co Tyrone.


The Junior Designer’s role within the Reprographics department is to deliver a graphic design and print service to all departments within the WELB, other education Boards, schools and libraries and outside organisations.  It is also to assist the graphic designer ad provide administrative, clerical and secretarial support for the section.


This report will illustrate Tonine’s role and responsibilities within Reprographics, the department structure, and the skills she has acquired while working within the graphic design field.




1.1   History and Development of the Western Education and Library Board


“The Mission of the Board is to provide, develop and support education, library and youth services in the Western Area to the highest standards in order to enable the community to fulfil its potential thereby enriching the quality of life and contributing to social and economic development”.   Mission Statement | www.welbni.org


The Board was established in 1973 under the Education and Libraries (NI) order 1972.  It is one of five education and library Boards in Northern Ireland.  The WELB is the local education authority and library authority for its area.  The Headquarters for the WELB is located in Omagh but has district offices in Derry and Enniskillen.


Within the public education system, the Board has statutory responsibility for primary and secondary education in the area.  The Board provides and maintains 12 Nursery, 194 Primary, 10 special, 36 Secondary/high, 4 grammar schools and 6 libraries.  It also supports youth facilities with over 400 registered youth groups.


The main duties of the Board are to – Contribute towards the spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development of the community.  Also to ensure that there are sufficient schools providing education and to secure special education provision for children identified as having special educational needs.    



1.2   History and Development of the Reprographics Section in the WELB


To undertake the range of duties and services the Board is built up of many departments.  The Reprographics Section is one of these.  The Reprographics Section provides a publication, design and print service to the Boards, schools, and libraries and outside bodies.  It has the expertise to create the professional and finished publications required by their clients.




The Reprographics service includes:

-          Consultation and technical advice

-          Graphic Art and Design

-          Business brochures, cards, calendars and adverts

-          Magazines

-          School prospectus, programmes and other documents

-          Laminating

-          Spiral and Wire binding



The Reprographics section in past years was used for the WELB and the internal departments providing a print and administrative service.  However in the recent years it has been used as a service for outside organisation.


Client’s that want a Brand or Logo designed, or business cards/brochures, make use of the consultation and graphic design within the section.  This year’s annual turnover for Reprographics was £400,000 with the profit of £60,000.  This is the highest turnover produced from the reprographics service and one of the highest earning departments within the WELB this year. 



Organisational Structure of the Reprographics Section

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