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Placement Report on Translink

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1. Introduction


1.1.The Company


In January 1995 the government announced major changes to the public transport system of Northern Ireland with the intention of creating coordinated bus and rail services to promote the transfer from private car to public transport.  This began with the integration of Citybus, Ulsterbus and Northern Ireland Railways.  The aim of this integration was ultimately to improve services to benefit the public by providing coordinated and frequently updated timetables, through-ticketing, feeder buses to railway stations and the mutual progression of transport facilities.


'Translink' is the brand name born from the amalgamation of the public transport companies from 1995 and has become one of the largest companies in Northern Ireland (7th largest in 2007 in terms of number of employees, turnover and profit according to Belfast Telegraph) employing approximately 4,000 people and has a turnover in excess of £150m.  In any one year over 75 million passenger journeys are made on Translink services.


In improving services to public transport, Translink have made significant developments including the refurbishment of several bus and rail stations, purchasing new vehicles/rolling stock and the re-opening/re-laying of railway lines. 

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