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Page history last edited by JANET PEDEN 15 years, 10 months ago

Hello All,

Thankyou for allowing me to participate in your Wiki.  I am the Sub librarian for the Faculty of Arts and I am based at the Coleraine Campus.  I am interested in your experiences of Wikis and whether you feel that there would be a role for the Library to play in the development of Wikis.  Please feel free to tell me what you think if you time, aside from writing your reports.



Comments (6)

Paul.W said

at 5:20 pm on Apr 4, 2008

You could start by alphabetically ordering the Sidebar! On a serious note, I think Wiki's are a fantastic way of accumulating knowledge (Wikipedia being the perfect example) regardless of censorship and sabotage concerns. Whilst they are open to abuse, as long as we have a system capable of making people accountable for their edits (I.E the 'Recent Wiki Activity' section) they're an incredibly useful addition to social networking and amassing information.

Karen said

at 7:17 pm on Apr 6, 2008

I added them in the order that people registered but I think you are right, consider it done!


at 8:11 am on Apr 7, 2008

I'm glad to see that you have identified a role for Librarians in the Social Newtworking milieu, even if it is to put lists in alphabetical order! This is a route that I may go down in the future in terms of providing Library support to students, e.g. help with sources of information, reflection on information literacy strategies so all comments are welcome and will help me to formulate my future stratgey.

Karen said

at 3:54 pm on Apr 9, 2008

Paul, how do I change my avatar?

Paul.W said

at 11:12 pm on Apr 9, 2008

Click your account name > Profile > "Choose avatar"

Paul.W said

at 11:19 pm on Apr 9, 2008

Janet your skills as a librarian could definitely help with research students, making suggestions on titles or simply helping them to find literature relevant to their interests. I haven't heard of of a similar occupation before, but it sounds like you have a good niche for exploration.

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